Estate Planning

With growing income and opportunities, passing the baton is on top of the mind for most families. However, the mode of succession is not well defined and, more often than not, is taken for granted and relegated to the backseat.

Transition and succession require addressing family emotions, values, goals and business needs, a clear plan including timing, ownership, and management of stakes (if companies are involved). All these variables need to be considered and managed effectively to ensure the decisions taken will affect the family and business positively for generations to come.

Considering the contingencies of life involved, it is always wise to plan sooner than later.

We understand that in the absence of a comprehensive estate planning route, the significant wealth created and accumulated by the individuals may be wasted or passed on to unintended beneficiaries or might get entangled in uncalled-for legal battles.

We, at Ira Wealth, being the Client's Family Office understand the family, their background and their need for Succession and Estate Planning. It is our endeavour to suggest solutions and structures in the most efficient manner. Succession and Estate Planning is important, not only for generational business families but also for successful entrepreneurs, Senior Executives/ CXOs, Professionals, Promoters exiting businesses, NRIs, OCIs, PIOs expecting inheritances, Celebrities, families with differently-abled dependents, etc.

Ira Wealth, through its associate companies provides end to end Succession and Estate Planning services including structuring, drafting Wills, setting up Trusts (charitable as well as private), drafting related documents such as Family Constitutions, Shareholders Agreements, Settlement Deeds, Gift Deeds, providing Corporate Trusteeship and administration services etc. in the most implementable and tax-efficient manner.

Ira Estate, Legacy & Succession Planning Services can be offered independent of Family Office requirements.