Family Office

We understand your financial goals and your desire to create a legacy that lasts for generations to come. This is where our Investment Advisory & Family Office can step in to provide you well researched and articulated investment advice on your overall portfolio, based on the risk-return profile that helps you grow your future wealth further. Registered under SEBI (Investment Advisors) Regulations 2013 is a fee-based model where we advise you irrespective of the execution/transaction platform.

Wealth Advisory is a subset of Family Office where we advise you on a part of your Financial Portfolio under defined risk-returns principles and a pre-set asset allocation framework. The overall portfolio, consolidated reporting, interaction with other services providers, etc. is managed directly by you.

Family office is a comprehensive engagement platform where we act as your family personal CEO managing all aspects of your families financial well-being from investments management, cash flow and goal setting, performance reporting, global portfolio, insurance, real estate, custody, estate planning, record and bookkeeping, tax, legal, succession planning, philanthropy, etc. This is delivered through a wide network of both in-house and external experts and service providers.

The family office proposition covers a wide range of services that enables us to provide you and your family with holistic financial planning, where we are your single point of contact for all wealth management requirements

  • - Financial Portfolio Management Services
  • - Direct investment opportunities in private companies
  • - Estate planning services
  • - Report and record keeping / Tax advisory
  • - Multi-generational wealth management
  • - Risk management and insurance
  • - Consolidated performance reporting
  • - Real estate advisory