Partner programme

At Ira, we understand the value of timeless relationships with generations of clients. Our partner programme offers our partners better care of their lifelong clients along with us. We recognise that references through word-of-mouth and personal contacts are the best way to get introduced to high profile clients.

As part of a venture that is beneficial for all parties involved - Clients, Advisors and Ira, we offer the following two affiliation programmes:

Programme for Independent Financial Advisor

Access to a wide range of services at Ira for independent advisors with one goal in mind - becoming a pioneer in the field of financial advisory as a one person force.


  • - Financial Portfolio Management Services
  • - Direct investment opportunities in private companies
  • - Estate planning services
  • - Report and record keeping / Tax advisory
  • - Multi-generational wealth management
  • - Risk management and insurance
  • - Consolidated performance reporting
  • - Real estate advisory

Programme for UHNI Professionals

For those full-time professionals dealing with UHNIs seeking additional income, this programme offers you a chance to introduce your high-profile clients to us for services that are not in conflict with yours. This programme allows you to continue your work without any disruption and lets you earn additional income. This will help us create and maintain goodwill both with you as a professional, and your clients in a working relationship.

Should you partner with us? Yes

  • - Financial Portfolio Management Services
  • - Consolidated performance reporting

Registering for Ira's Partner Programme requires you to sign up at least three clients of UHNI portfolio (> ₹ 10 Crores financial assets) within the first year.